Whistleblowers Say Facebook Manipulates Trending News

Facebook whistleblowers say Facebook manipulates trending news to suppress independent and conservative news sources.

Now I know why nobody really sees my posts or why I’m blocked again and again. Since weeks I post important, interesting and critical information about corruption, human righs, freedom of speech, etc. – seems some people don’t like this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Facebook

More news about: http://bit.ly/1si7jph, http://bit.ly/1U3rei7

Bionic Boots Make You Run Fast Like A Gazelle

Run fast like a gazelle:)

Bionic Boot

These bionic boots let you run 25 mph (40 km/h) and bring you one step closer to being a true super human…

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Help Free Libya for Peace and Freedom

Help Libya ! مليون شخص يدعم ثورة 17 فبراير.Free Libya !

لقاء العربية مع وزير الداخلية فوز�…

انضم الى صفحتنا على الفيسبوك على الرابط التاليhttps://www.facebook.com/help.Libyahttps://www.facebook.com/help.Libyahttps://www.facebook.com/help.Libyaليبيا Libya سوريا مصر تونس Egypt Syria

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Wonderful song by Insta Libya ! Spread Love, Peace and Harmony ~~

صلى عليك الله ياخير الورى تعداد حبات الرمال واكثرَ <3 <3 <3 صلوا على النبي

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Ignorance and Fear are More Dangerous Than You Think

Who blocks and cuts me down again.. sry to say but this is brainwash like this video!

Chewbacca Mom Is Having The Best Week Ever

Chewbacca mom Candace Payne is legit having the best week ever

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Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King Jr.
Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.
– Dalai Lama


IT’s plug! Star Wars, how many millions you paid to push this video?
God(s) please stop or change this ignorance and enlight the people so that they can beat the demons, especially if they look or act like. #mindcontrol #zombie Star Wars  Merchandise Campaign http://fakingstarwars.net/2016/05/23/chewbacca-viral-video-unmasked-as-marketing-stunt

HOW are the demons organized?
It is very clear that there are different types of demons, and that they are divided up into different ranks, functions, orders, etc. A great deal of time has been spent by both brilliant Christians and satanic Magicians to chart out the names, ranks, and structure of the demonic armies that Satan commands. One accurate method of ranking demons has 365 ranks of demons, with no. 1 being the highest level of demons. The numbers of top level demons are numbered in the trillions, while the lower level imps are incredibly numerous. There is no shortage of demons to carry out the work of Satan on this planet. These demons are sometimes variously referred to as spirit guides, angels, wizards, ghosts and aliens or a number of other disguises. Both early Christians and the occult have often divided up the evil spirits under fire, water, wind, and earth. The power of Enochian magic comes from the Watchtowers of these four elements.

Some common types of Evil Spirits are:
Spirit of the Anti-Christ (1 John 4:3)
Spirit of Bondage (Romans 8:15)
Spirit of Divination (Ezekiel 21:21)
Spirit of Death
Dumb & Deaf Spirit (Mark 9:25)
Spirit of Error (1 JN 4:6)
Familiar Spirit (LV 20:27)
Spirit of Fear (2 TM 1:7)
Spirit of Haughtiness (PRY 16:18, 19)
Spirit of Heaviness (ISA 61:3)
Spirit of Infirmity (LK 13:11
Spirit of Jealousy (NM 5:14)
Lying Spirit (2 CHR. 18:22)
Perverse Spirit (ISA 19:14)
Seducing Spirits (1 TM 4:1)
Spirit of Whoredoms (Hosea 4:12, and 5:4)

Each of these types of Evil Spirits has a number of specialists. For instance the Spirits of Whoredoms contains spirits which can specialize in the following: A Spirit of Unfaithfulness, Prostitution (whether Spirit, Soul or Body), Love of Money, Idolatry, Chronic Dissatisfaction, Fornication, Gluttony

The Spirits of Bondage include: A Spirit of Fear, number of addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc.), Fear of Death, being a Servant of Corruption, Compulsive Iniquity

These lower echelon demons are too numerous to keep track of. When a portal is opened which gives a particular demon legal access into a body, they move very quickly into the physical body.

Which religion or god, doesn’t matter, demons are demos since ancient times in Africa, Asia. etc. http://angels-vs-demons.wikia.com/wiki/Angels_vs_Demons_Wiki

Before god you can hide nothing.


True words! We live in Nations of Ignorance..

Nation of Ignorance – Official Video

This track (from my NEW album available at www.mysumaya.com) is dedicated to my little girl MySumaya… so its very personal to me. You know what makes it more personal? Witnessing first hand the conditions little kids live in, in the world. So I decided to donate all the proceeds of this album to school feeding programs in Eastern Sudan. These kids are the same age as my own little baby girl. Each one is someone’s child and just like my child matters, every child should matter. By buying this album you are making these kids matter. You are directly responsible for feeding them, and giving them the energy to go to school. Order my album today and help me, fight hunger, one person at a time, one little child at a time www.mysumaya.comALL proceeds are going to feeding vulnerable children in Eastern Sudan.

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Calling all good angels http://www.angelsghosts.com/angel_names


Libya Great River and Desert Irrigation Projects

Back to Libya Yah, money can do a lot but not anything!
http://bit.ly/1qM0xXq, http://bit.ly/1Z3rzW3, http://bit.ly/1qM4USu

Libya’s Pivot Irrigation needs a lot of water, ok if you take it from the ocean, but think about groves and woods with plants like bamboo, spending shadow around, creating topsoil and holding water.


Fresh fruits from Libya, check the page for more awesome photos!

خيـرات وادي #درنةBy: حمـزة الشاعري

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Amazing video of Libya, for better qualy watch the link below.

The beauty of libya by Mohammed saed for more videos :https://youtu.be/kqoOaVqkhjk

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Desert Greening and Permaculture

Manage Desert Greening and Permaculture, create great opportunities! http://bit.ly/1TxoREC, bit.ly/1WPLkm6, bit.ly/22qAcMl, bit.ly/1WXdzjg

Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem a turned it into an opportunity. – Joseph Sugarman
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein
A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds – Francis Bacon
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. – Demosthenes

You want to join the Change Management Team, just write a PM or Mail: contact:change-games.com

Support Desert Greening Deserts

Greening the desert

How a group of farmers in #BurkinaFaso are battling climate change and re-greening the desert

Posted by Development Progress on Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Support Desert Greening (topsoil production) and food cultivation projects, open your eyes. If you can’t help with money, share it around! There are so many ways to help, don’t ignore such positive movements. @GreeningDeserts @Sahara Forest Project


You ever heard about the Great Green Walls on planet earth?
..to be continued!

The Green Belt Movement and Sustainable Greening Projects

Sowing The Seeds of Change

In this animated story by Doreen Edemafaka, one woman, Wangari Maathai, (the character dressed in yellow) decided to empower communities by giving them the tools and knowledge to plant trees. They created green belts of forests, especially in the mountain catchment areas where rivers flow from, in order to prevent further environmental damage and loss of biodiversity.Women are supported through the scheme to nurture seedlings in tree nurseries and planting trees, through a sustainable and viable framework. What started as a simple tree planting programme became a movement.

Posted by The Green Belt Movement on Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Over the years awesome greening projects showing us that great changes are possible. Alone the Green Belt Movement communities have planted over 51 million trees in Kenya. Think about and share.
More success stories: http://bit.ly/1U9gyyi, http://bit.ly/25k9j1Z

Rice Straw Power Project First Facilities

Help us to build the first facilities, spread the word around the world.

Rice Straw Power Project Short Intro

Welcome at the Rice Straw Power Project !Detailed information you can find get on the offical pages:Linkedin.com/in/ricestrawpower – Skype: ricestrawpowerThe project supports climate protection and prevents the air polluiton caused by rice straw open field burning. The facilities can produce heating and building materials from rice straw, so like fire protection plates and impregnated pellets. More details you can find on this page and on our other pages. Rice Straw Power – Rice Straw Houses – Change EnergyInfo about Hans Lothar Köhl email: hlk@ricestrawpower.com

Posted by Rice Straw Power on Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

Dancing Waves Science

Dancing waves, that’s science 🙂

Dancing Waves

Apart from helping us understand how waves work, wave tanks are incredibly satisfying.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Aerial Reforestation or Seed Bombing with Seed Bombers

Desert Greening, an old dream comes true. http://bit.ly/1TxoREC, bit.ly/1RnMLQz, bit.ly/1UbHj82, bit.ly/22nQYvM, bit.ly/1RnP1Hs
David Wolfe, the idea is not new bit.ly/1MEJFYW, bit.ly/YOr8p8

Planes Drop Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs = Aerial reforestation to foster new growth on damaged land.via Reutersvia Next Animation Studio

Posted by David Wolfe on Montag, 4. April 2016


Believe it or not, expand your mind be free like nature https://www.facebook.com/Universe.Explorers/videos

Rice Straw Power Projects

Daily work, sustainable rice straw management, check our Rice Straw Power projects and share it around the world! Stop burning, start building! http://www.philstar.com/nation/2016/05/02/1578745/farmers-urged-not-burn-rice-straw



I wish we could plant rice fields and bamboo woods everywhere to get back topsoil, especially in dry countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, etc.

A simple act of kindness the size of a rice grain can weigh as heavy as a mountain.
– Feroz Bham
Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life. – Confucius
Rice at present prices provides more food for the money than most of the other cereals. – David F. Houston

Read more at Rice Straw Power project!


Real Life Paintings by Alexa Meade Art

A really great idea! Real-Life Paintings by Alexa Meade Art.

Real-Life Paintings by Alexa Meade Art

Amazing Real-Life Paintings by Alexa Meade Art …

Posted by veri-art.com on Freitag, 22. April 2016

Robot Rides a Bike

Little Robot rides a bike.

PRIMER-V2 robot rides a bike just like a man. It maintains balance with a built-in gyroscope, through which he holds the balance and steers in a straight line.h/t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH8KzseCW58

Posted by Inverse on Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

These robots ^.^ O’-`O

Bamboo Bike Car Bike Electro Bike and Swing Bike

Bike that looks like a car

This guy invented a bike that looks like a car.

Posted by INSIDER on Freitag, 15. April 2016

Looks funny, remembers me on these small car bikes in China and India.


Mmh not bad, but I think the GeoOrbital Wheel Update is better
http://bit.ly/206mYCQ, http://bit.ly/22gdIgY, http://bit.ly/1qu0D62

Bamboo Bike, One Wheel Electro Bike and now the Swing Bike 🙂

The bike has been reinvented.Video by Romain Frogé production audiovisuelle, Trocadero-fixie

Posted by Droold on Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Rice Museum Opening in Changsha City China

World's first rice museum named after the hybrid rice father Yuan Longping in shape of kernels, will open in China's Hunan Province.

Posted by China Xinhua News on Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Tomorrow the world’s first rice-themed museum opens in Changsha City in China! Check also our rice projects like http://www.ricestrawpower.com

Hundreds of Ancient or Old Pyramids Worldwide

There are hundreds of old pyramids and maybe more of new ones nobody really knows. Here are just a few: bit.ly/1WCWVor, bit.ly/1TVME0f, bit.ly/1R6z7Bf, bit.ly/1qr08JN, bit.ly/1TlNTsg, bit.ly/24XpAGl, bit.ly/1Nx1lKO


Pyramid 'Levitating' Yacht

Experience the world in this pyramid shaped 'levitating' yacht.

Posted by Collective Evolution on Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

There are some real and fake (under)water and ice pyramids:
http://bit.ly/1KabR93, bit.ly/1rRWdan, bit.ly/1epwgkF, bit.ly/1Tebm1J

Rice Straw Paper from China to Egypt

Egyptian NGO converts rice straw into quality paper products

A small organisation in Cairo has been turning agricultural waste into paper. The move is to help avoid the environmental hazards that result from the burning of rice straw, which experts estimate produces around 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Posted by CGTN Africa on Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Turning a part of rice straw into paper like in ancient China.

Mobile Solar House Boat with UFO Look

I like these houseboats http://bzfd.it/1Wyz1eh, bit.ly/1ThZaKd

Floating 'UFO' Home

You can travel the world via the ocean in this floating 'UFO' home!Get more stories like this: http://go.collective-evolution.com/stay-aware/

Posted by Collective Evolution on Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Music for Body Soul and Mind

Good music can change your mind and soul in a positive way.

What music actually does to your body.

What you're listening to matters — here are 8 ways that music impacts your brain. #MicBrights

Posted by Mic on Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Turn Your Bike into an E-Bike with GeoOrbital Wheel

Finally, turn your bike into an e-bike with GeoOrbital Wheel 🙂

GeoOrbital Wheel

What's in a wheel? In this case – everything! Turn your bike into an e-bike in under 60 seconds.

Posted by GIGadgets on Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Peaceful Mind and Life

Our lives are so connected to the animal world 󾇇󾇇󾇇Proud to share that Dick Schmidt just released a heart-warming summer…

Posted by Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life on Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Animal_rights

Ocean and Sea Water Levels are Rising

The ocean or sea water level is rising: http://til.ink/1YQAKc5

All the horrifying global warming evidence you need.

Global warming is so bad, it's causing entire islands to disappear into the sea. #MicBrights

Posted by The Future Is Now on Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016


Wave energy has a big unused potential, especially for island coastlines.

Kinetic Wave Power Station

This power station can harvest kinetic wave energy and turn it into electricity. (Correction: 10 m = 33 ft)

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Sonntag, 24. April 2016

Planet Earth Amazing and Very Important

Planet Earth – Amazing and Very Important

"This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today." ~Leonardo DiCaprioEditor: Zeezee Branson

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Samstag, 7. November 2015

Care or think about planet earth’s biosphere, humanity have destroyed so much. It’s never to late to change something for a better future. There are so many good alternatives and positive projects need support, just open your eyes. Change EnergyRice Straw Power – Wave Star

Funny Zombie Parkour Video

Funny Zombie Parkour 🙂

Dying Light Parkour

This zombie parkour is intense.Created by: Techland

Posted by LADbible on Freitag, 15. Januar 2016