UN Climate Conference Cop22 in Marrakesh Morocco Truth Facts

Real and false solutions on how to address climate change.

Wanted to visit UN Climate Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakesh, Morocco, but I’m not welcome and got no official invitation. But ok, I have enough work and to do with my projects. And I have no money and also no time for endless talks like in Paris which changed nothing or too little. I watch since years what happens or changed after such conferences, big speeches but no real actions and these organisations and governments have the possibilities or money to change something, fast and also in big scales! Hope they start finally to do something for the nature and for the people and regions really need change or help – still this year! And what is with animal and human rights and biggest climate problems like air pollution caused by coal and meat production? Of course I’m for the good people, organisations and developments at and around the conference, especially for the alternative camps like Alter Cop22 Forum de la Terre. #sustainable #renewables #cleantech #climatechange #africa #greening #green #weather

Enough with this “Against Climate Change” and other against climate hypes. Why not be For (Positive) Climate Change!? You will loose if you are to much against and not for good things. To be against climate change and natural disasters is like to be against planet earth and nature. So many are against climate change, you ever have thought about positive climate changes and natural (disaster) processes? Think about bad climate change and influences caused by humans and natural climate change and natural disasters. If you don’t seperate and everybody is against ‘Climate Change’ in general, humanity will never change or solve really the problems.

Read more about interesting facts and backgrounds: http://bit.ly/1QjKo6x, http://bit.ly/2fVjbcs, http://bit.ly/2fVgLdF, http://bit.ly/2fC5yhh, tbc.

Another critic is that our epochal and important projects like Change Energy, Rice Straw Power, Rice Straw Houses, Greening Deserts, etc. were and are ignored by all the governments and big institutions like UN, EEA, EUSEW, GGGI, Greenpeace,.. and we informed the most, maybe hundreds of them! But after months and until today no real feedback, help or support. It’s really disappointing how ignorant the most people are and if they are interested they just think about their profit. The good thing many middle or small organisations, also some nations gave us some hope, because they are really interested and supported us by good feedback and tips. Looking forward to realise our projects together with them. Thank you for each support!

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Do not forget the ghetto and the story Don’t fear the future. It is not important who wins the most votes or elections. Nature will show us the way, so like each day and night we decide for a side. Of course it is good if you see more than two decisions.


People asked me which candidate I want vote. My answer was mostly I don’t do political votes for political parties or politicans, but I vote or support good humans, organisations and movements.

Don’t vote for anybody, especially not bad humans. First of all vote for yourself, your nature and planet earth. Vote for your home, your family, your space to live or place to be Vote for your environment, your nature, art, music and friends!

Forget these grabby, dishonest, false people or humans who just want your political vote to win, for more power and more control for themselfs or their party and not for us all! Real values and leaders don’t need any votes to be accepted and especially respected by the society. I hope everybody can understand that I don’t like to vote any bad canditates, especially if it are just two who battle on such a low niveau over months in the whole campaign. They smashed billions of dollars, just think about all the wasted time, all the media and materials.. In this time and with this money poor people in America, poor countries and nations like in Africa could have been supported.