Clean and Fresh Water with Innovative and Sustainable Water Filters

Clean and fresh water with innovative and sustainable water filters.

D.I.Y Solar Water Filter

This solar water filter is an awesome survival hack to purify water for drinking! 🙌

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Mixset for Rooftop Party Mix Sessions Leipzig Germany

The complete mixset for Rooftop Party Mix Sessions Leipzig is on!

The complete Rooftop Party MixSet Leipzig is online now. Enjoy over five hours awesome #House, #Techno and #EDM in the #Mix! #lounge –

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China is Building a Forest City to Fight Air Pollution

China is building a ‘forest city’ to fight air pollution:

This Vertical Forest Will Put A Dent In Polluted Air

China hopes vertical forests will clean up air pollution

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Extreme Weather Rising with Global Warming and Climate Change Caused by Humanity

Not just last year there were weather records. This year we had the hottest and coldest month since many years. It’s a shame that so many people keep on ignoring these facts – melting of artic north pole and permafrost, all the ice or glacier breakups. The time to stop, to change or reduce this madness is now!

The environmental history of North Africa is a sad tale of deforestation and desertification that has spanned much of…

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More detailed information and solutions you can find here and on our pages!

My Statement to the extreme weather:
People wonder about the extreme weather, don’t understand and really learning from it. Some time passed and the most forget, ignore or repress the disasters. Is it because they are also guilty or to blame for these disasters? We all share to some extent this fate of suffering under the state of our global world, some more, some less. Why you wonder that nature strikes back so hard? I think it’s a natural cleaning and defence process. Mother earth and father god forgets nothing, especially not the nature and life destroyers and polluters. Think about your daily life and how environmentally-friendly you are, you drive a car, you waste natural resources, energy or water?

Humanity cannot escape from their fate and karma, it comes everything back, sooner or later. But you can stop the ingorance and start learning from each other and from history. Change yourself and your attitude, make everything better in future – so you are a part of a big and postive change. If more humans would do so in the next years there is maybe really a chance to change the world into a better one. Nature will support this, because it’s one basic principle. Live and let live!

Remember my words, if you don’t change now or today, it’s maybe to late for us all! You ever have seen polluted lakes or seas collapsed completely with death fishes on the surface? Now think about our atmosphere.

World Nations Coal Problems with Air Pollution and Smog Killing Humans

China, USA, Australia, India, Europe and the coal problem.

Report: Germany suffers more coal-linked deaths than rest of EU

Finally stop these criminals, murders, killers and nature terrorists!

Sustainable Architecture Building Hemp and Rice Straw Houses

Sustainable building with hemp and rice straw. #hemphouse #ricestrawhouse

Tiny Hemp Homes: Hempcrete May Be The Greenest Building Materi…

Hemp can actually be used to build sustainable and safe houses

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Rice and Rice Straw Culture History

What is good for cattle or livestock can also be good for humans.
What is possible with straw can also be possible with rice straw!

Rice is the crop of the future and one of the oldest cultivated plants in history! #rice #ricestraw #crop #agriculture #ricehistory #riceculture

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Rice straw and wheat straw – Potential feedstocks for the Biobased Economy:

Rice Straw Management:

Alternative management of rice straw – a position paper for the rice industry:

Rice straw pictures:“rice straw”

Mitigating methane emission from paddy soil with rice-straw biochar amendment under projected climate change:

Proposing mitigation strategies for reducing the impact of rice cultivation on climate change in Egypt:

Stanford study shows effects of biomass burning on climate, health:

Straw into gold: A TED Fellow cultivates mushrooms to fight climate change:

Eco-friendly and cost-effective use of rice straw to clean up water:

Why we’re not getting the best out of rice:

Can India’s Farmers Deliver Clean Air Along with Good Food?

Don’t burn! Build Rice Straw Buildings and Rice Straw Houses!

Believe in the power of nature:

Reduce and Stop Food Waste Overproduction and Wasting Life

Stop wasting and overproduction of food like cow, cattle meat or beef.

The Most Shocking 1.5 Min Video the World Must See!

The Most Shocking 1.5 Min Video the World Must See!

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Mad news and facts:
Climate-Damaging Foods causing more about the half of the whole global warming and negative climate change.

6 Million Animals Killed Every Hour For Food!

Hundred of millions children go hungry daily!

Nearly 40% of all fresh food produced in India perishes before it can get to customers. 213 million children go hungry as per latest report of Global Hunger Index 2015.

In Germany, some 11 million tons of food end up in the bin every year. That amounts to 275,000 truckloads.

How much food does the EU waste?

Around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros. About a third of all food produced globally for human consumption is lost or wasted – around 1.3 billion tonnes per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

While 800 million people suffer from hunger, another 2.1 billion are either obese or overweight.

Good news and ideas:
A Participatory Approach to Minimizing Food Waste in the Food Industry.
The food waste fighter:

Sustainable Greenhouse Farming with Greening Deserts Projects

Enjoy a new video for greening of deserts, dry and barren lands with sustainable greenhouse farming, forestation and permaculture.

Greening Deserts Greenhouse Farming and Forestation

Greening Deserts Sustainable Greenhouse Farming and Forestation. ❤Greening of deserts, dry areas or barren lands with sustainable irrigation and renewable energy. Using filtered ocean or sea water, sharing systems overground and underground. Special desert plants can produce fast topsoil and create partwise shadows for plants around. With the right (financial) support we can start everywhere topsoil and fresh water is needed. Together with the people of each region we also can create parks, woods and forests, especially in dry countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Australia, etc. At the moment we concentrate on North Africa.To accelerate the process professional greenhouses will be installed and newest sustainable cultivation techniques like aquaponics or hydroponics will be used. The project starts primarily near coasts with building Greening Camps, a kind of farm with greenhouses and containers, tents or huts. Greening Deserts is also a scientific and sustainable agriculture project using classical greening or gardening methods, but also new and alternative techniques like with permaculture. #greening #desertgreening #greenhouse #farming #forestationOf couse the projects need financial support, so if you want to invest or support us actively connect us here:

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Africa is Bigger Than World Maps Showing

Many people don’t know that Africa is bigger than the land masses of the US, China, India, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, New Zealand, the UK, Nepal, Bangladesh and Greece put together! Now you know it It’s all a matter of perspective or opinion

World maps: Gall-Peter vs Mercator

Everything you know about world geography could be wrong. (via Channel 4 News)

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True Words and Quotes about Money

Money is the worst currency that ever grew among mankind. This sacks cities, this drives men from their homes, this teaches and corrupts the worthiest minds to turn base deeds. – Sophocles

Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy: Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity. – Roy T. Bennett

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like. – Will Rogers

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. – Henry Ford

The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. – Albert Einstein

Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed. – Gandhi

Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. – Satchel Paige

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. – Henry David Thoreau

Worldwide Obesity Unhealthy Lifestyles Bad Nutrition and Mad Food Makes Human Sick

This child is a good symbol for the financial system, some bankers, large corporations and politicans – to fat to change or to move something. It’s not just America who has the problem of morbid obesity, also in Europe obesity and unhealthy lifestyles make people sick. The main health problems are caused by unhealthy food, sick environments, stress, isolation, lack of physical activity, toxins in the air and the water, electromagnetic exposure and radiation.

This 10-year-old weighs as much as TWO baby elephants!

This 10-year-old weighs as much as TWO baby elephants!

Posted by Daily Mail on Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017

My tipp change and move something, every day you have the chance! Start daily training, maybe try Kung Fu

Climate Change Global Warming Pollution and Destruction by Capitalism

The world goes not only down because of greed for profit or financial problems (capitalism), the resulting climate change, global warming or destruction. Of course there are much more reasons. Just take the time to think more about, read (also books) and learn more from good people and the Internet. The true and good profit is education, experience and wisdom.True values are life, love, freedom and peace!

Like I explained so many times. It’s now time that you take the time and change yourself, that’s the only way to change something bigger or the whole world

Change wars into contests and competitions.

So one of my dreams is a (galactic) society of explorers, scientists, pioneers and all the other good branches, who will reach new horizons and areas of universe nobody has seen or understand before. Enjoy a remix I made for the theme Finance.

Sustainable Agriculture and Innovative Farming with Greening Deserts

Very good news for sustainable agriculture and innovative farming. Now it’s finally possible to produce in deserts rice and rice straw with innovative production methods and clean technologies. Since years we showing, promoting, supporting and sharing these and other awesome developments. It’s really time that you all SHARE the good news! Don’t ignore such great ideas, movements and projects – they are good for us all. Read more here and on our pages Desert Rice Cultivation, Greening Deserts, Rice Straw Power, Rice Straw Houses, Rice Straw Paper,.. #ricestraw #ricestrawenergy #ricestrawhouse #ricestrawpaper #desertrice

More news about desert rice:


Giant Panda Cubs from China for Berlin Zoo in Germany

Giant Panda Cub Qi Yi refusing to let go of its keeper’s leg

#MoodBooster–Nanny, play with me, no working!–Baby, just a minute.–hmmm, I will stop you with my cuteness!

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Chinese pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing from China in the Berlin Zoo maybe will get such a cute baby panda in future? #love #chinese #pandas #cubs #berlinzoo

Thank you China and a warm welcome to president Xi Jinping in Germany. Would be fine to see you or your party loving humans, Human Rights, justice and democracy so much like your pandas. #大熊猫 #팬더 #パンダ #gấutrúc

Care Bees are Endangered Species

Care the bees, some species are endangered! #bee #extinction #news

He has 60,000 bees all over his head :scream: :scream:

He has 60,000 bees all over his head 😱😱

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If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live. – Maurice Maeterlinck
Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than five years. – Albert Einstein
One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees… – Leo Tolstoy

Funny and Happy Meerkats Greening Deserts Photo Album

Happy and lucky new week my friends! Giva hug if you love animals

Awesome and funny photos of Meerkats 🙂 #love #africa #savanna #desert #meerkatAfrica has her mysteries and even a…

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