Rice Straw Power Vision

Rice Straw Power Vision

It all started with a vision for a better future for our children!We want to support the next generation to grow up in a better world with clean environment, renewable energy, sustainable building materials, healthy food, fuel and food pellets made by innovative resources like rice straw. Show some love and share this vision with us around the world. Help us to reduce the world hunger crisis and poverty with #education, #food, #renewables and #sustainable materials. Use #rice straw! @Rice Straw Energy, Rice Straw Building, Rice Straw Products,..If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children.Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life. – ConfuciusRice Straw Power – Rice Straw Houses – Change Energy Info about Hans Lothar Köhl email: hlk@ricestrawpower.com

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Everything starts with an idea or a vision, so like the Rice Straw Power project. If you want a better future, show some love and share it around.

Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3 the Movie

Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3 the Movie!

Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson #IpMan3

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Boxing and Wing Chun is like Yin and Yang

God lets everything happen for a reason. It’s all a learning process, and you have to go from one level to another. – Mike Tyson

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee – Muhammed Ali
This famous boxing quote elegantly describes the interplay of soft and hard within the sport. If we use the terminology of Chinese martial arts, boxing can be thought of as a hard style and Wing Chun as a hard-soft style. The difference lies in how they use tension. Hard styles use muscular power and they hit like an iron bar: solid and unyielding, knocking the target back. Soft styles avoid unnecessary tension and strike like a whip: soft yet penetrating beyond the surface of the impact. Hard-soft styles are something of a compromise and can be thought of as striking like an iron flail: the chain is soft but the head impacts hard upon the target before becoming, once again, simply part of a soft chain.

Chinese Music Kung Fu and Pandas

Tina Guo- Oogway Ascends from Kung Fu Panda

Here is a song from Kung Fu Panda played on Cello and Erhu 🙂 My version of "Oogway Ascends" has an added super-Chinese ending! It was lots of fun getting in touch with my heritage for this video. Thank you so much for watching and listening!Support my videos: https://www.patreon.com/TinaGuoiTunes: http://apple.co/1BRzCwlPhysical Albums: http://tinaguo.ecrater.comwww.TinaGuo.comwww.facebook.com/TinaGuoMusicSong Arranger, Video Director, Producer: Tina GuoCellos and Erhus: Tina GuoAll Other Instrument Programming: Tina GuoDirector of Photography: Joel MoodyVideo Editor: Tina GuoVideo Grading: Joel MoodyMaster of Light (Grip): Lu-Yan Guo (Thanks Dad!)Headpiece: Miss G DesignsStyling/Makeup/Hair: Tina GuoFilmed in Poway, California

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I love Chinese Music, Kung Fu and Pandas! Reminds me of the good old days I listen to a lot of alternative types of music: I listen to a lot of Chinese music, I listen to a lot of Asian music. It might surprise you, but I listen to a lot of Arabic music. And I don’t care – music is music. -Timbaland

Rice Straw Power Project

Welcome to the Rice Straw Power Project!

Rice Straw Power Project Short Intro

Welcome at the Rice Straw Power Project !Detailed information you can find get on the offical pages:Linkedin.com/in/ricestrawpower – Skype: ricestrawpowerThe project supports climate protection and prevents the air polluiton caused by rice straw open field burning. The facilities can produce heating and building materials from rice straw, so like fire protection plates and impregnated pellets. More details you can find on this page and on our other pages. Rice Straw Power – Rice Straw Houses – Change EnergyInfo about Hans Lothar Köhl email: hlk@ricestrawpower.com

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The project supports climate protection and prevents the air pollution caused by rice straw open field burning. The facilities can produce heating and building materials from rice straw, so like fire protection plates and impregnated pellets. More details you can find on this page and on our other pages. Change EnergyRice Straw EnergyRice Straw Houses


Wakeboarding on the legendary Banaue Rice Terraces!
More awesome videos you can find on our channels and pages.

Wakeboarding on the Banaue Rice Terraces

This is pretty awesome! Wakeboarding on the Banaue Rice Terraces!http://www.wheninmanila.com/brian-grubb-wakeskates-the-banaue-rice-terraces-the-eighth-wonder-of-the-world/"Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team made certain that the plants and wildlife were neither damaged nor disturbed at any time during the event. All aspects were agreed with the locals, taking into consideration their traditions and culture." More photos and full story here – http://www.wheninmanila.com/brian-grubb-wakeskates-the-banaue-rice-terraces-the-eighth-wonder-of-the-world/~ @VinceGolangco When In Manila

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Fire Shows and Fire Pois Fireworks

Enjoy a great Fire Show with Fusion Arts! https://t.co/yEcl0dEXiN

Danse de Feu

Fusion Arts ~ Elegant Event Entertainment ~ www.fusion-arts.comEx Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer and Coach Srikanta Barefoot has been creating Fire Dance Shows for over 15 years. He’s conceived a dance-based style of fire dance which fuses fire manipulation with full-body movement and dance. Since leaving the Cirque du Soleil, Srikanta & his partner Jen have been busy teaching & choreographing to create Fusion Arts Fire Dance Shows.We’re proud to offer solo, duo & 4-person pre-choreographed shows which celebrate Fusion Arts’ theatrical, dance-based approach. Recent innovations like the fire cyr wheel, big-flame effects, sparkle effects & pyrotechnics can be added to create an unforgettable show.For more info about our Fire Dance Acts: http://www.fusion-arts.com/fire-dance-shows/INTERESTED IN LEARNING?Join Srikanta & Jen for a special week-long Fire Dance Retreat July 24-30 2016 in Italy. For more info & to register: http://www.fusion-arts.com/workshops/stromboli-retreats/Or start learning online with Srikanta's Instructional Video Series on Dancing with the Fire Staff: http://www.fusion-arts.com/instructional-videos

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Wonderful Fireworks with spinning Fire Pois

Awesome Fire Show

Awesome Fire Pois Spinning Fire Show!Check my page and channel for more 😉

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B-Boy Lee Vietnam Breakdance Show Dancing

B-Boy Lee Vietnam rocks with just one arm!

Bboy Lee Vietnam

The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude#bboy #bboyworld #onehand #respect #inspiration #motivation

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Respect for his mental power and the force of will

Ip Man And The Wu Tang Collection

Enjoy Ip Man and the Wu Tang Collection 😉
http://bit.ly/1NQhIhM, http://bit.ly/1Netkby, http://bit.ly/1Nshjnp

We all have inner demons to fight, we call these demons, fear and hatred and anger. If you do not conquer them then a life of one hundred years is a tragedy. If you do, then a life of a single day can be a triumph.
Relax and calm your mind. Forget about yourself and follow your opponent’s movement. – Yip Man

Magha Puja Day – The Light Of Peace Ceremony

Magha Puja Day: The Light Of Peace Ceremony

Magha Puja Day: The Light Of Peace Ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand ! More information you can find here: http://bit.ly/1KlBw8Uhttp://bit.ly/1W7EA05

Peace and Human Rights Days, Weeks or Years would be great! 😉 http://bit.ly/HumanRightsDays

Since years i support people around the world over my social network projects, feel free to join and show also some support if you can:

Radical Violent Buddhism

Yes, it’s sad if some of the peacefullest humans become so mad.
Form your own opinion about the situation: http://bit.ly/1HjAqwE
Beware of demons like the Dark Buddha :/ http://bit.ly/1B1CeJC
Never give up to spread love and find again the faith in the good in people.

Why Buddhists killing people? Stop this madness! http://bit.ly/1KibhDv
German report: http://bit.ly/1F2B4sq

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama

Islamophobia is killing Myanmar’s Rohingya, but the Muslim world can help

More news: http://nyti.ms/1MsdGuwhttp://bbc.in/1KhVIMf
German blog article: http://bit.ly/1eWa9cS