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Learn and understand your freedoms.

Carl Sagan – Who Speaks For Earth?

A must watch by Carl Sagan. Spend the time to watch the entire video…

Posted by Freedom To Think on Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Source: http://bit.ly/InspirationJourney
World Press Freedom Index: http://en.rsf.org
Index of Economic Freedom: heritage.org/index/download

Cencorship And Silencing Truthers

It can not be, after posting a new Music Mix in some MUSIC groups (around 45) all 4-5 minutes in ONE group, Facebook blocked me now for two weeks! It’s not the first time that Facebook blocks me to write messages and to post on own posts and in own groups!! You can imagine, I couldn’t comment my own posts! But this bug they fixed last time. I feel really oppressed and it’s against the freedom of speech. Facebook, please check your system, it’s to often I see such failures or bugs, automatic actions by your system blocking to much good people and contents, too! Why others can post daily shit like advertisments, porn and violence in hundred of groups and nothing happens? Another thing, i know the most admins and people from the groups and we have contact. I reported countless times scam, porn and other bad content – this is now the thanks? Facebook, you really want to do such censorship and to silence truthers? https://www.facebook.com/djogc/videos/1081124221938386