Germany Europe and the Coal Problem Truth – Energiewende Wahrheit Europa

Energiewende in 100 Jahren?

And again a big breach of trust in Germany or Europe. I’m really disappointed. Why they lying years to the people and make it worse and worse. Stop this madness, respect the Climate, Nature and Human Rights!
Danger for Renewables:
German Refugees:

It’s in German, but you can use translators like Google

To the coal industry, please change and invest in renewables before it’s to late or you regret. Keep the coal in the ground and safe the resource for future generations.


Report: Germany suffers more coal-linked deaths than rest of EU

Germany and the coal problem. Shame on all who support(ed)!
Scary that the government,’society’ and media don’t care and used the ‘Euro’ 2016 EM to do nothing or very bad things. Read very important and critical articles about that problems. Shocking news, more and more people dying by these terrorists who are responsible. 3,630 people in Germany died from coal-related illnesses alone in 2013!,,,, – Stop these nature Terrorists!

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