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Do not forget the ghetto and the story Don’t fear the future. It is not important who wins the most votes or elections. Nature will show us the way, so like each day and night we decide for a side. Of course it is good if you see more than two decisions.


People asked me which candidate I want vote. My answer was mostly I don’t do political votes for political parties or politicans, but I vote or support good humans, organisations and movements.

Don’t vote for anybody, especially not bad humans. First of all vote for yourself, your nature and planet earth. Vote for your home, your family, your space to live or place to be Vote for your environment, your nature, art, music and friends!

Forget these grabby, dishonest, false people or humans who just want your political vote to win, for more power and more control for themselfs or their party and not for us all! Real values and leaders don’t need any votes to be accepted and especially respected by the society. I hope everybody can understand that I don’t like to vote any bad canditates, especially if it are just two who battle on such a low niveau over months in the whole campaign. They smashed billions of dollars, just think about all the wasted time, all the media and materials.. In this time and with this money poor people in America, poor countries and nations like in Africa could have been supported.


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