Sustainable Greenhouse Farming with Greening Deserts Projects

Enjoy a new video for greening of deserts, dry and barren lands with sustainable greenhouse farming, forestation and permaculture.

Greening Deserts Greenhouse Farming and Forestation

Greening Deserts Sustainable Greenhouse Farming and Forestation. ‚̧Greening of deserts, dry areas or barren lands with sustainable irrigation and renewable energy. Using filtered ocean or sea water, sharing systems overground and underground. Special desert plants can produce fast topsoil and create partwise shadows for plants around. With the right (financial) support we can start everywhere topsoil and fresh water is needed. Together with the people of each region we also can create parks, woods and forests, especially in dry countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Australia, etc. At the moment we concentrate on North Africa.To accelerate the process professional greenhouses will be installed and newest sustainable cultivation techniques like aquaponics or hydroponics will be used. The project starts primarily near coasts with building Greening Camps, a kind of farm with greenhouses and containers, tents or huts. Greening Deserts is also a scientific and sustainable agriculture project using classical greening or gardening methods, but also new and alternative techniques like with permaculture. #greening #desertgreening #greenhouse #farming #forestationOf couse the projects need financial support, so if you want to invest or support us actively connect us here:

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