Charlie Chaplin And Martin Luther King Call To Humanity

I will never forget the few really support(ed) me, they will get back so much in future 😀 All others knew/know about me, my projects, the hard times and have done absolutely nothing (no financial support, no mental support, no thankyou, etc.) shouldn’t weep and whine in future – it’s just fair that they get nothing back 😉

Everybody trying to harm me, should be care! There is no chance and they will destroy themselfes. I know how and this is what nature, peace and justice are.

I don’t give a fuck to people ignore and don’t communicate or respect each other, like it in these times and in this wrong society or ‘social networks’. Over the years i have done so much good for the world and whole civilisation – tryed to change society into a better one. I have done the first steps and wish everybody the best! I don’t expect anything and won’t wait for them, i’m not resentful. But after helping/supporting thousands of people and nothing comes back (ok maybe 3%) its over for a time. You support me i support you, simple as that!

Share Love, Peace and Harmony.. think positive and enjoy your life so good as you can. Don’t be ignorant, take a moment and share this experience 😉

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” – Socrates

Think about fairness and justice:

Chicago-Detroit Rooftop Sessions Party Mix Club Charts

Wow, reached the place No.14 in the Club Charts! Show some support and maybe i get under the Top 10!

Some awesome videos above the skyline of Chicago: